I am currently a JD student at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, and hold an Honours Bachelors of Arts in economics and political science from the University of Toronto.

Naturally then, I live in Toronto, Canada—albeit somewhat reluctantly owing to how virtually no place on earth can compare with my hometown of Vancouver, Canada. Yes, this is a pretty unfair statement, but as the aphorism goes, "There's no place like home."

Favourite colour: purple.

Favourite band/musician: impossible to choose. I never liked this question.

Biggest interest: I really really enjoy movies. But who doesn't?!

Key technology and gadgetry (at least, the ones I like): Windows 10 on a Core i7 4790k/R9 390x desktop with an Asus MG279Q monitor, Logitech G502 mouse, and Leopold FC660M keyboard; OSX El Capitan on a 2014 13' Macbook Air; Focal Elear headphones with a Violectric V200 amplifier and Schiit Modi DAC; JBL Creature III speakers; iPhone 6s; and Westone UM2 IEMs.