Jellyfish Space

The Vancouver Aquarium jellyfish tank.

Holiday at the End of the Tunnel

Long walkway at Toronto's Lester B. Pearson International Airport.

Summertime Play

Canada Day at Steveston in Richmond, BC.

Steveston Fishing

Steveston in Richmond, BC was surprisingly busy on Canada Day. The crowds did not deter some from quietly fishing near the banks of the water.

St. Vitus Cathedral

There's something about cathedrals that make their grandeur incomparable to anything else.

Fields of Gold

Rapeseed fields surrounded us on so many small but picturesque roads, as we drove through central Europe.

Broken Benches

Benches missing their seats on Budapest's Gellért Hill.

Distant Couple

Two people sharing a quiet moment together at Gellért Hill overlooking Budapest.

Across the River Danube

Budapest's Liberty Bridge over the River Danube.

An Afternoon in Rotterdam

They say there's no place like home, and through the multitude of cities we visited in central Europe, none felt like a place I could live in. As we walked in its afternoon sun however, Rotterdam surprisingly came the closest to being an exception.


Streets of Rotterdam in the afternoon.

Spanish Sunshine

Who knew research trips could be so relaxed! Though not particularly warm, the bright Madrid sun was absolutely glorious nonetheless.